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Elusive Creatures Taxidermy in Coeur d’Alene offers a wide variety of services to North Idaho and Eastern Washington including Spokane and Spokane Valley. At Elusive Creatures Taxidermy, we believe the detail is the difference. We understand the money you have spent on hunting supplies & fishing supplies to attain your mammal, fish or bird so we want to preserve that animal perfectly. The craftsmanship of each taxidermy project is guaranteed for life.



Elusive Creatures Taxidermy offers Shoulder mounts, Pedestal mounts, ½ Life size mounts, Life size mounts, and Rug mounts. We take pride in the finest detail of our work. Each animal is inspected thoroughly from the proper angle of the eyelashes ( pertaining to each species) , to the accurate growth pattern of hair within the ear. Pupils are checked for relation to upper and lower lids. Ear liners are used instead of bondo to ensure realistic features. These are just a few examples of quality that Elusive Creatures Taxidermy provides to our customers.


Elusive Creatures Taxidermy offers services for bird hunters. Mounts are available in all positions. Wings soaring in flight, strutting proudly with a protruding breast, legs extended in a standing/walking position, or legs tucked in a sitting/floating pose. Birds can be positioned in any style including creative poses from perched to grooming. Positions can be displayed on all species from quail to turkey. Each bird is hand groomed, placing every feather back into its original position. Equal spacing between feathers is also checked on wings and tails for a more natural appearance. Elusive Creatures Taxidermy is here to preserve your trophy.


Elusive Creatures Taxidermy offers skin mounts as well as replicas. The customer will have the choice of Conventional Curve, Reverse Curve, or S Curve for his or her fish. Gills can be displayed fully flared in aggression or sleek to the body for a more docile pose. If your outing consist of a relaxing day of catch and release, be sure to take detailed pictures along with measurements and let us create a quality replica of your trophy.

European Mounts
Antler Plaques

Elusive Creatures Taxidermy offers European mounts as well as Antler Plaques. European mounts are stripped with beetles or boiled depending on customers preference, and then receive a whitening application. Custom oak plaques are available to enhance your display.

Mount Restoration

Elusive Creatures Taxidermy is proud to offer mount restoration. Every trophy is a memory and special in its own way. We believe it’s important that those memories stay preserved. Our services consist of everything from paint touch ups to recapping entire mounts.

Custom Base/Scenery

Elusive Creatures Taxidermy offers a wide variety of options for Scenery/Bases/ Let us create an artistic scene to capture the natural habitat of your trophy; such as Rock cropping's, winter snow, water, fall, or spring scenes. Elusive Creatures Taxidermy can also build Beautiful Custom Wood Bases for your mount.


Elusive Creatures Taxidermy
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At the age of seven, my father invited me to accompany him on an archery hunt for whitetail. Still hunting through the forest on that crisp november morning….I can remember the steam rising through the air with every breath; the crunch of the leaves under my heavy feet; and the sounds of nature preparing for a busy day. The light slowly grew across the forest floor chasing the shadows into the depths. We found ourselves nestled at the base of an old red fir just taking in the beauty bestowed upon us. This hunt would not end in the harvest of our quarry but successfully capture my heart as an outdoorsman.

In the years following, my enthusiasm for the wild intensified with each outing and would soon consume my life. Old enough to pack around my own rifle or stick and string depending on the season; I quickly learned the techniques to consistently fill my tags. Each harvest was special to me and I found myself wanting to preserve the memory.

Starting out with antler plaques, self tanned hides, and european mounts; I soon turned my attention to professional taxidermy. Cursed with the desire for perfection, I found my way to taxidermy school in Northwest Montana. It is there that I learned the competition level techniques from a two time national award winning taxidermist.

I was once told that you never work a day in your life if you’re doing what you love. That’s what taxidermy is for me. The excitement of preserving your memories of these elusive creatures.





Elusive Creatures Taxidermy
16027 W Sandback Pl.
Post Falls, ID 83854
Ph: 208.659.9330
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