Welcome To Elusive Creatures Taxidermy home of the awarding winning Idaho mountain lion and cougar taxidermy expert.

Elusive Creatures Taxidermy in Post Falls, Idaho, offers a wide variety of taxidermy services for North Idaho and Eastern Washington. Elusive Creatures Taxidermy has obtained competition level techniques to provide our customers with accurate mounts in the highest detail. Guaranteeing our craftsmanship for life, Elusive Creatures Taxidermy is excited to preserve your memories. Offering Idaho Taxidermy for all Mammals, we provide a quality mount for any season. We offer taxidermist services in Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Athol, Hayden, Rathdrum, Spokane, Spokane valley and all surrounding counties.


Elusive Creatures Taxidermy is proud to offer lifesize mounts on all mammals including exotics. We take pride in the finest detail of our work. Forms are cut and altered to fit the correct dimensions of your specimen. Propper fitting is an important factor to ensure hair patterns line up accordingly. This accentuates muscle tone and shape ensuring realistic features. While standard poses are available, we offer custom positioning aswell. Elusive Creatures Taxidermy is here to preserve your trophy.


Elusive Creatures Taxidermy offers shoulder mounts for all mammals including exotics. Shoulder mounts are available in a variety of poses from full upright to full sneak. Our most popular being semi upright featuring a relaxed posture. We offer custom poses and pedestal mounts aswell. Each animal is inspected thoroughly from eye shape, lash angles, pupil placement,  to proper growth pattern of hair within the ear. Ear liners are used in place of bondo to ensure thin natural features. This is just a few examples of the quality Elusive Creatures Taxidermy offers our customers.


Elusive Creatures Taxidermy provides rug work for all mammals including exotics. The customer will have the choice between open or closed mouth for each rug. All of our rugs are sewed to ensure quality and strength. Rugs are assembled with a high grade upholstery backing, strategically placed D rings for hanging, and 2 layers of decorative pleated felt. Elusive Creatures Taxidermy is proud to offer quality rugs for any wall.


As I awoke from grandpas chair, I remember the feel of the cold leather caressing my face. My tired eyes strained to make out shapes in the rays of light beaming through the window. Once adapted, my first glance is of the majestic ten point displayed proudly on grandpas wall. Coaxing me from my slumber, his strong hands lifted me towards thee elusive creature; only to find a hershey kiss waiting for me upon his nose. I was three years old, not yet knowing that this moment in time had imprinted a love and passion to be unraveled in the years to come.


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